Nightwear in the Daytime

14 Sep

Let’s tackle a sensitive topic of age-appropriate dressing.

Is wearing pajamas outside of the bedroom the latest trend or the height of laziness?  Lately, no matter what time or hour of the day that I go to the market, I see grown women wearing their pajamas and slippers. 

During our senior year, we had a “Pajama Day” which allowed us to wear apparel, usually reserved for the privacy of our home or a sleepover at a friend’s house. It was fun and it was cute but it was for only one day!  We are no longer in high school or a teen, even if you do have the body of one; after you reach a certain age, some styles just don’t work, regardless of body type.

I understand that many women dress for comfort and sometimes it is tempting to take the easy way out and run into Walmart to pick up a few items, but really, is it a huge effort or time consuming to take off the fleece teddy bear pajama bottoms and pull on a pair of jeans?

Although, they are comfortable and less constricting, do you really want to look like you just crawled out of bed?  And…it’s not just about self-respect; it’s about respecting those around you.  I can only assume that if you did not have time to get dressed, then chances are you probably didn’t brush your teeth either!

So, why don’t you sleep on it and let me know; do you think wearing pajamas in public, is a fashion trend or travesty?


One Response to “Nightwear in the Daytime”

  1. Deborah September 14, 2011 at 11:38 pm #

    Oh yeah, PJ’s in public is right up there with the baggy pants that hang down to the wearer’s ..well you know…barely above the knee? I can tell you the color of the underwear…also seen at Walmart 🙂

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