Friendship, it is the Key to Happiness…

10 Sep

It has been proven that having a strong support group of friends makes women happier, healthier, and less stressed. I have never been one those girls who has to have a large network of friends, but the small circle that I do have has become an integral part of my life. I have always believed that the quality and not the quantity matters most. I count myself very fortunate to have a tight-knit group, that loves me unconditionally, respects my opinions (even if they disagree) and endures the bad times as well as the good.  As we get older, it is harder to develop new friendships or maintain existing ones, so I try to seize every opportunity to expose myself to new people and experiences. Some of my good friends have started out merely as acquaintances but have grown over a common interest. 


 Not all friendships will stand the test of time; many end because of circumstances, a change in priorities, lifestyle or interests. Usually, one friend in the relationship makes more of an effort to keep the friendship going but eventually gives up because the other appears uninterested or distant. You slowly lose contact until you never hear from that person again.  There was no fight, no reason or wrongdoing; it just stops.  You then start referring to them in the past tense rather than the present, i.e. my former friend so-and-so. To keep a good friendship intact, it takes time and effort by both parties.


Although, it is sad that friendships do not last forever, remember that with every ending, there is a new beginning and you can build entirely new friendships.


“Good FRIENDS are hard to find, harder to leave, and impossible to forget.”

Author: Unknown


3 Responses to “Friendship, it is the Key to Happiness…”

  1. Dusty Roads September 10, 2011 at 7:47 pm #

    I have read in many metaphysical books that people enter your life when you need them the most. When the reason for the need has passed often that person moves on as well. We draw to us that which we need most. Like you I have only a small group of people that I call “friend” but I know those select few are there for me whether I see them evey week or once a year. Each one is a valued and precious pearl in my friendship necklace.:)

  2. Dolphin September 13, 2011 at 9:48 pm #

    What a fantastic outlet! I love the idea of your blog and enjoy learning more about you as a person. Keep up the great work. You have me hooked!

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